Cover Reveal: What We Do in the Light (Day to Night Duet #2) – Stylo Fantôme

What We Do in the Light Ebook Cover

WHAT WE DO IN THE LIGHT, le second tome du Day to Night Duet de Stylo Fantôme, sort le 16 septembre prochain en VO!

What We Do in the Light Paperback


Détails couverture:

Genre: romance contemporaine / romance érotique

Design couverture: Najla Qamber Designs



Résumé (VO):

 Just one month ago, Valentine O’Dell got her heart ripped out – yet another problem to add to her rapidly growing list. Between fighting to bring her sick grandmother home, searching for a new apartment after being evicted, and trying to figure out how exactly she’s going to pay for everything, she doesn’t have time to cry over a broken heart.

Then Ari Sharapov walks back in and tries to solve everything.

Ari may have gained a little more control in his life, but there’s still one area he doesn’t have a grip on – Valentine refuses to believe anything he says. Gone is the girl who wanted someone to take care of her, and in her place is a woman who’s willing to take everything he has to offer, but without giving anything of herself in return. He’s used to fighting battles in a courtroom, but convincing her of his feelings will be his biggest struggle yet.

 Maybe it’s time for this relationship to be brought to light.



 Si vous ne l’avez pas encore fait, découvrez le premier tome de ce diptyque:

 What We Do in the Night

What We Do in the Night Ebook Cover

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 Suivre Stylo Fantôme:




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