Deux couvertures dévoilées: The Beautiful Hearts Duet – Emma Scott


Cet été, l’un de mes auteurs préférés, Emma Scott, (Rush, The Full Tilt Duet, The Butterfly Project, In Harmony, Forever Right Now, Sugar & Gold,…) publie The Beautiful Hearts Duet.

Les deux tomes sortiront à quelques semaines d’intervalle, et en voici les couvertures:

Bring Down the Stars Cover

BRING DOWN THE STARS (Beautiful Hearts Duet #1)

Sortie VO: le 26 juillet 2018

Résumé (VO):

I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. With his words. With his poetry. With him. The gentleness and beauty of his soul that speaks directly to mine. He writes as if he can feel my heart, hear its cadence and compose the exact right lyrics to accompany every beat and flow. 

I’m in love with Connor…so why do I feel an inexplicable pull to his best friend, Weston? Grouchy, sullen, brooding Weston Turner, who could cut you down with a look. Fiercely intelligent with a razor sharp wit and acid tongue, he’s the exact opposite of Connor in every way, and yet there’s electricity in the air between us. The thorny barbs Weston wraps around himself can’t keep me away. 

But the more time I spend with these men, the more tangled and confused my emotions become. When they both sign up for the Army Reserves during a time of increasing strife in the Middle East, I fear I’ll never unravel my own heart that sometimes feels as if it will tear straight down the middle…for both of them. 

Un drame romantique, un amour non réciproque, quelques touches de Cyrano de Bergerac… cette histoire promet de nous bouleverser, comme tous les livres d’Emma Scott!


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Long Live Cover final (1)

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts Duet #2)

Sortie VO: le 8 août 2018

Résumé: prochainement




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